Academic Blogging Part 5: Useful resources for bloggers

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Now you have your posts ready to go, you have ideas for more, and you know when you’ll be posting and where you’ll be sharing them to in order to make sure they get as much reach as possible. The next and final thing to talk about are the resources you can use.

One of the biggest pitfalls bloggers face is accidentally infringing copyright, such as using images from a google search without checking whether they are copyrighted or not, or forgetting to credit authors. There are ways around this though.

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Academic Blogging Part 4: Turning your journal articles / lecture notes into blog posts

You may spend a lot of time and effort writing a research article for a journal. So much so that once it has been accepted and published you’ll not want to think about it again. But why not change the end of your workflow slightly to include a couple of hours distilling that paper into an accessible and short-form version?

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Academic Blogging Part 2: What is my blogging mission?



Now you’ve decided to give blogging ago, you need to make a few plans. You need to identify the subject of your blog, the kinds of posts you want to write, and how you want to write them.

This is your editorial mission and the best blogs usually have some kind of framework to them to keep the content flowing. This could be something as simple as saying: I will try to write a post once a week, and if there is any news or updates regarding my personal research I will also then do a quick update post. But even in this relatively simple set up there are a few things to keep in mind.

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