Lecture Recording

Lecture recording facilities are available in all teaching spaces. There are two options for staff to wanting to record their teaching sessions:

  • Full automated Panopto recording with audio, video and slides

Nine teaching spaces have the full Panopto system. These record audio, presenter and slides. This is available within the following locations:

• Minerva: MB0312 Co-Op Lecture Theatre, MB0302 Cargill Lecture Theatre, MB1019 & MB1020
• David Chiddick: DCB1101 (250 Seat Lecture Theatre)
• Isaac Newton: INB0114 (500 Seat Lecture Theatre)
• Stephen Langdon: SLB0006 (250 Seat Lecture Theatre)
• Sarah Swift: SSB0103
• LPAC: Studio X

Recordings in these spaces need to be booked in advance. If you have any sessions you want to record in these rooms, email digitaleducation@lincoln.ac.uk with time, module code and room details. A member of the team will be available to provide support for the first session.

  • On-demand recording with audio and slides only

This system is available in all other teaching spaces across campus. These can be identified by a circular black microphone attached the front of the podium. There are two stages to using the self-service system:
Before the session the module has to be provisioned on Panopto. In the Help and Support >Panopto section on Bb there is a guide on how to do this.

At the start of the session you need to open the appropriate Blackboard module site, click on the Panopto menu button to launch the application. In the Help and Support >Panopto section on Bb there is a guide on how to do this.

If you have any questions about this process please email digitaleducation@lincoln.ac.uk and a member of the team can be available to provide support for the first time you use this process.

Qualtrics Survey Software

Free survey software is a great tool for allowing and increasing engagement across the University but did you know that many sites no longer comply with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)? To remedy this the University now offers free access to Qualtrics for all staff and students.

Qualtrics is an easy-to-use online survey software that’s powerful enough to to perform even the most sophisticated research, capture insights for process improvement, module feedback, and more. With Qualtrics, project creation is simple. You can easily collaborate your projects and share results with colleagues or other students on campus. Unlike other free online survey sites Qualtrics is compliant with General Data Protection Regulations, therefore is recommended to you by the University.

What are people like me using Qualtrics for?

  • Application Processes
  • Module Feedback
  • Campus Engagement
  • Course Evaluations
  • Paper Process Automation
  • Academic Research
  • Classroom Learning
  • Enhancing Resumes
  • Improving Class Projects
  • Running Club Event Registration / Feedback
  • Launching Field Studies

Want to know more?

Take a look at this short two minute survey in Qualtrics to see how it could work for you: https://unioflincoln.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0B9XiL3G1uBP1PL

How do I learn how to use it?

Qualtrics has a great collection of self-help resources including:

#DigiEd18 Event: Video-based Learning

Following the success of the LALT Showcase: Education in a Digital Age event. The Digital Education team is launching a new series of short themed events called ‘#DigiEd’. The events are aimed at academics who want to enhance their learning and teaching strategies and elements of technology that are used to support: collaboration, inquiry etc.

The first #DigiEd18 will take place on 20th Jun from 12pm until 1pm in the Minerva Building (MB1020). The theme is video-based learning (makerspace).

This practical ‘makerspace’ session will look at different methods of using videos as a teaching medium and will teach you various ways to use aspects of video technology. It gives practical suggestions and provides a real-world context approach. You will also be given the skills to create your own resources. There will also be a Q & A session after the presentation has finished to allow anyone to find out more information.

If you would like to book for this event please visit HR booking system

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If you have something you would like us to post here, please email: collegesocialscience@lincoln.ac.uk

Struggling to use Photoshop? Sign up for this free two part workshop

Adobe Photoshop has been around for thirty years now and has become a byword for image manipulation. It’s a tool which is vital for almost any graphics or image work you’ll do.

This course is designed to help you learn basic awareness of the functions of Adobe Photoshop for design purposes, as well as exploring how to work within the University of Lincoln Corporate Brand. This is a two part workshop, the first is the theory of Photoshop and the second is to apply the knowledge learnt in the first workshop.

Delegates will look at:
• Aesthetic considerations when designing
• Basic Adobe Photoshop software understanding
• Some advanced Adobe Photoshop understanding
• Creation, editing and manipulation of imagery
• How to design both for print and online purposes

The course is intended for those wishing to create internal design campaigns, or increase knowledge of design understanding. There are no prerequisites for attending this course. The next session will take place on Wednesday 27th June at the University Library.

Please note this is a two part workshop and you should attend both sessions. The second session date is a week on from the original date at 10.00am for 1 hour. You do not need to request to book onto this as it will be sent automatically from Outlook with your booking request for this session.

To book a place, please go to https://ps.lincoln.ac.uk/services/hr/development/BookProgrammes/SitePages/Home.aspx and select ‘Photoshop – An Introduction to Design – A two part workshop’.

WordPress Upgrade


This summer, the University’s WordPress blogging platform will undergo an upgrade. To minimise disruption during the work, the ICT department aims to identify those blogs and sites that are currently active so that they can be checked following an upgrade to a test environment. To do this, staff members who are site administrators will be contacted by email in the week commencing 30th April. If you are a course tutor or programme leader who uses the blog platform for student assessment and you do not receive an email by Friday 4th May, please email wordpress@lincoln.ac.uk explaining how you use the platform and including a link to at least one example site or blog. Please note that students who are site administrators will be contacted at a later date.

Please rest assured that at this stage there are no plans to remove or delete any sites or blogs and everything will be done to ensure that the upgrade has minimal impact on staff and students.

More details are available at http://blogs.lincoln.ac.uk/2018/04/30/upgrades-to-the-wordpress-service-being-planned/

If you would like to to get more involved with the University WordPress community or have any questions about the plans to update the platform, please get in touch with Ben Samuels, ICT Project Manager, or Tom Wright, Director of Digital Student Life, directly or via wordpress@lincoln.ac.uk.

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